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March 2020 Issue

Publication: In Dance

Feature Article: Kathak’s Rhythmic Journey of Emotion by Mina Rios

November 20, 2019 Issue

Publication: North Bay Bohemian

Gastropub Grows 

Palooza opens second location

by Mina Rios 

October 2019 Issue

Publication: In Dance

Feature Article: A Tokushima Tradition – Thriving in the Bay Area Under

SF Awakko Ren by Mina Rios 

July-August 2019 Issue

Publication: In Dance

Feature Article: Swing Dance Lives on in the Bay Area by Mina Rios 

September-October 2018 Issue

Publication: In Dance

Feature Article: Find Time and Space with Residency Programs by Mina Rios

Artist in Residence (AIR) program opportunities distinctly designed for dancemakers. 

July-August 2018 Issue

Publication: Sonoma Magazine

Gateway Section: The Sonoma Wine Country Comedy Scene by Mina Rios

July-August 2018 Issue

Publication: In Dance

Feature Article: The San Francisco Aerial Arts Festival by Mina Rios

An in depth account on the global aerial dance scene and the rise of Zaccho Dance Theatre’s bi-annual festival in San Francisco. 

December 27, 2017 Issue

"Arts: Stage on Screen" by Mina Rios

Professional ballet from the comfort of your local cinema

November 29, 2017 Issue

Cover Story

"Feature: Cultural Treasure" by Mina Rios

California Arts Council names downtown San Rafael one of state’s 14 cultural districts

October 26, 2016 Issue

"Arts: Refined Lines" by Mina Rios

Master choreographer Alonzo King trains Dominican dancers

December 9, 2015 Issue

Cover Story

"Feature: Marin Wine Trail" by Mina Rios

The North Bay’s wine country begins just minutes from the Golden Gate

October 24, 2015 Issue

"How Comic-Con spectators combat hotel wars" by Mina Rios

The overnight Game of Woes

July 1, 2015 Issue

Food and Drink: "Whip it good" by Mina Rios

San Rafael’s Whipper Snapper stirs up tapas and sangria

April 15, 2015 Issue

Artist Sanctuary" by Mina Rios

The Headlands Center for the Arts offers artists gifts of time, space

March 11, 2015 Issue

Restaurant Review

"Humming Along" by Mina Rios

Fairfax's Hummingbird Cafe offers a Taste of New Orleans

March 4, 2015 Issue